Lead Architect


Sarmen is the founder of SarmYan Design. As a lead designer, he develops design solutions that provides a unique architectural identity. By staying true to the idea of architect being the master builder, He is closely involved in the construction process from start to its completion.

Sarmen received his Master of Architecture in 2013 at the Woodbury University in Burbank California. In 2016 his knowledge of construction and structure allowed him to obtain General Contractor’s license in California.

He is always in a search of new products and software that will allow him to be more productive and efficient.

Sarmen had a chance to work with some of the best architects, engineers and contractors in Los Angele’s custom single family residential projects. His biggest house to date is a 20,000SF living area located in Bel Air California while one of his most technical one was the structural steel layout of one of the most expensive pools in LA. Just the structural package for the pool was $1.5 million. The pool was designed to be completely in the air cantilevering out from the mountain.

In 2021 only, Sarmen has designed over 60 houses in Los Angeles.